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Star Utility Locating Service provides private underground utility locating services to both commercial and residential customers. Locating utilities before you dig creates a safe work environment and eliminates unwanted damage costs and liability.

Our team of  professionals utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and comply to strict industry standards. We provide accurate locating and personalized service in a timely response.

Our Locating Service Includes: 

      • Electric
      • Gas
      • Propane Tank Lines
      • Telecommunications
      • Fiber Optic


Star Utility Locating Service is only responsible for marking out Privately owned utilities. Public utilities will not be marked. To have the public utilities located please call your local 811 service.  It’s important to know that 811 service will not locate privately-owned underground conduits, wiring or utilities of any type. They’re only responsible for locating the utility company’s lines up to the service entrance or meter.

When privately-owned underground utilities require locating, Contact Us.

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