About Us

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Star Utility Locating Service serves Residential & Commercial customers throughout the Houston area. We are a private locating company that locates private Electric and Gas lines that the city do not locate and are considered homeowners responsibility. In any situation, If you have unidentified underground utilities we can get an experienced and professional locator on site. We will locate each line with accuracy and marking it with marking paint & flags.

What is Private Locating Service?

Private locating is identifying underground lines that are privately owned by a property owner and do not fall under the city utility services such as Electric, Water, Cable TV, and Gas, also known as public utilities. Regardless of the scope of your project, If you are planning any kind of underground excavation or construction you are legally required to located all underground lines. Failure to get your underground lines located can result in serious injury or death. It can also result in costly damages, legal action, and financial liability.

When You May Need Private Locating Service?
      • New Construction
      • Pool Excavation
      • Gardening and Planting
      • Private Water Service
      • Sprinkler System
      • Irrigation System








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